Lauren Bell-Brown Jewellery Designer/Maker
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Building upon Lauren Bell-Browns understanding of traditional fairytale aesthetics,her jewellery portrays their classic beauty whilst incorporating the Grimm Brother’s and Hans Christian Andersen’s darker narrative. Ornately detailed and meticulously hand crafted wax carvings and cuttlefish castings combined with needlepoint embellishment add drama to the fantasy of her work, offering a subversive twist to the concept of the familiar ‘happily ever after'. Lauren’s love of books and dissecting the Grimm Brothers’ and Hans Christian Andersen narrative, extracting hidden detail, is a real pleasure for her. The images they inspire reveal the process of her interpretation which is then translated into her work. Lauren wants the audience to explore her jewellery and make their own observations; the detail is there to be discovered and she hopes a subsequent understanding of her interpretation is revealed.

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