Kathryn Parsons
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Kathryn is a mixed-media artist and visual story-teller. She creates exquisite hand-crafted sculptures that weave together the tales of places, people, history and the natural world. It is the small details of nature that inspire her, whether found in the fields or in museum collections. The materials used depend on the story to be told; from porcelain plants to wildflower shoes made of sugar. Whatever the material, each sculpture is unique, each one a treasure. Hand modelled porcelain is currently at the heart of her practice, often combined with found natural and vintage objects. Using simple hand tools, she enjoys pushing at the boundaries of what is possible with this demanding clay. Kathryn has created artworks, site-specific installations and interventions for historic buildings, galleries and museums including the V&A, the National Centre for Craft and Design, the John Clare Trust, Derby Museum and Burghley House.

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