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Albions Doll Moss

Albions Doll Moss

Materials Silk or Wool

Dimensions 173cm x 63cm

Photographer J E Goadby

Karen Woods - A textile and mixed media artist, with a passion for story telling. Karen’s inspiration comes from anything and everything; family, friends, places she has lived, and travelled and recent trends united with historical research. Karen creates her art in a storm of activity using many different media: collage; paint; intricate machine and hand embroidery and cutouts. These combine to produce a rich surface texture full of depth that illustrates her stories- a far cry from computer generated imagery. Each piece is multi layered and may take up to 6 months to produce, a total labour of love. After spending more than half her life creating large mixed media pieces, she took time out to develop ideas and skills, and take her work in a different direction. The result has been to create collections that embody her vision for craftsmanship, beauty and meaning. Her intricate work adapts itself readily to many other mediums, each themed around central fictitious characters and their lives. Woods current work is based around a fictional 19th century sea going character, ‘Thomas Finch,’ and his many adventures, both on board ship and in port! The work incorporates the many amazing creatures, unusual happenings and mysterious events that Finch experienced while on his voyage to Fiddlers Green, a legendary supposed afterlife for sailors who have served at least 50 years at sea. Finches attraction for the fairer sex while in port, is depicted in his exotic gifts that he woos the objects of his affection with, ranging from the song bird to the monkey. The work will be available summer 2016 through exclusive retail outlets and Internet. This first collection will consist of signed limited edition silk scarves. Closely followed pieces including lighting, prints and fabric. Woods is actively looking for people to collaborate with from many disciplines, animation, 3dimentional forms and more. Karen would love to hear from you. Please contact Karen at: info@karen-woods.com The work in the images was a response to the stories and documented evidence surrounding the Founding Museum London.

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