Harriet Elkerton
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Harriet’s objects, with their unassuming simplicity, are designed for living. Natural materials, plants and food play a key role in this lifestyle; and a key element in her display. Harriet’s functional objects are slip-cast porcelain, with unctuous glossy white glazed interiors. Her use of paper in the models establishes an inherent instability in the process, leaving unpredictable shapes in the final mould. Harriet sets up moments of unexpectedness, to get a handmade feel, an individuality, from repetition: “I like having the process translated. I like that people still see them as paper in the end.” Her decorative ware, which Harriet displays nestled amongst the functional pieces, interrogates the purpose of tools and functional items. She combines found objects, with purpose-made porcelain additions. The inheritance of these objects is discernable in her functional vessels; there is a language of deliberate skill speaking through her work and a desire to keep visible the hand of the maker.

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