Emma-Jane Rule
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Using the technique of foldforming alongside traditional metalworking practices such as hammer forming, Emma-Jane Rule explores the malleable and intriguing natures of precious and base metals. Encouraging folded metal to curve and stretch in a designed direction using hammers and tools, is a serendipitous way of working, creating many opportunities for the pleated metal to evolve and dictate the final form. Overcoming these challenges and learning how metal moves suits her playful and intuitive approach to metalworking. Emma-Jane’s work is tactile and sculptural, ranging from jewellery and silverware to larger-scale sculptures and lighting. Each piece is unique and has an organic flow, which reflect the undulating lines and rhythms found in the natural world, which is where she finds her inspiration. Additional surface textures, patinas and burnishing compliment and enhance the forms and the metal’s natural lustre, creating bespoke luxury for the everyday and treasured heirlooms for the future.

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