Caroline Kirton
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Since graduating in 2008 with an applied art degree I have been working as a self employed textile artist. I have been exhibiting my work both nationally and internationally for which I have been selected. As part of a continuing contributing to the world of craft I also give talks about my work to embroidery groups and I am a member of the SDC, Prism and the HVAF textile group with whom I take part in curated exhibitions. My work I would be intending to show is a series of snapshots reflecting on the ups and downs of life and is intended to be a contemporary social study of today’s society.Through observation process I embark on a narrative journey as I try to capture on scenarios that capture my imagination, relationships and the celebration of family. I translate and record stories and emotions into documentary style in stitched textile drawings picking up details that capture my attention. The starting point of my narrative is a comment or saying, which strikes a poignant cord. This is then incorporated into the work with the intention that the audience can then interpret the message. My work, although a personal journey, is designed to be universally recognisable by people of all generations in today’s society. It is designed to arouse discussion and invite interaction with the audience whilst also showing the importance of family life and the importance of building relationships through the generations. The intention in my practice when using traditional methods such as silk-screen printing, appliqué and embroidery is to demonstrate to the viewer the importance of making and materials and how they have a significant place in contemporary art and craft today.

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