Ann Povey
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My work is inspired by childhood memories and consists of two distinct elements: the hand made in the form of base metals, sterling silver and porcelain and found objects. These found objects are old, used and discarded, they are often of little or no monetary value but have value in their history, they have a story to tell and an inherent beauty found in their patina created through use over time.Using the found objects as handles and metals which are shaped and formed, I create spoons, knives and forks, tools and utensils. Colour is applied through the use of enamels, patination and oxidisation, and texture is created through hammering and the rolling mill.My memories of mealtimes as a child have profoundly influenced the way I work, the type of crockery and domestic ware we used, milk was poured from a milk jug, sugar in a bowl and tea poured from a teapot into a cup and saucer. Using porcelain and a hand-building technique I recreate these items but with a sense of playfulness and a little fantasy thrown in.

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