Design-Nation’s latest news: New members announced and major showcases in London and Germany.Design-Nation’s latest news: New members announced and major showcases in London and Germany.Design-Nation’s latest news: New members announced and major showcases in London and Germany.Design-Nation’s latest news: New members announced and major showcases in London and Germany.

Design-Nation’s latest news: New members announced and major showcases in London and Germany.

As Design-Nation’s network grows to include new members, we present designer makers to new audiences at London Craft Week and Eunique in Germany.

Leading craft and design portfolio Design-Nation continues to grow with the addition of great new talent from across the country. In May we welcomed nine more members to our network, joining twelve others selected in January 2018.

New Members
The latest selection announced in May took place in London with nine applicants selected by our independent panel of craft and design industry professionals. Our panel assess excellence and ensure that our membership continues to raise the standard of contemporary craft and design produced in the UK, across quality, creativity and innovation.

The new members include designer makers in textiles, ceramics, jewellery and silverware. They are Atlantic Design Studio - Lou Gillet (jewellery) , Georgia Bosson (textiles) , HCLS Ceramics - Hannah Staniforth, Inner Finn Ceramics - Julie Fewster, Laura Smith (glass) , Lauren Taylor (jewellery) , Lucy Elisabeth (wirework) , Shona Marsh (silverware) and Dominika Kupcova (jewellery).

London Craft Week
Design-Nation took part in London Craft Week for the second year running, with a presentation of work entitled ‘ Head, Hand and Heart ’. The exhibiting craftspeople were selected for their ability to inspire, delight and inform through their contemporary craft works, beautifully illustrating John Ruskin’s statement, “ Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together ”. Working in partnership with leading rug designer Helen Yardley and Barbara Chandler, design champion, writer and photographer, Design-Nation developed this exhibition to explore the makers’ moments of inspiration; the intricacies of their handmade work; and most importantly posing the question, what is it about the making process which makes their hearts happy? The exhibition was a critical success at London Craft Week, showcasing these talents: rugmakers Angie Parker and Helen Yardley ; textile artists Anna Gravelle, Gizella K Warburton, Jacky Puzey and Ruth Singer ; furniture and marquetry designers Christine Meyer-Eaglestone and Hugh Miller Furniture ; glassblower Clare L Wilson ; and ceramicists Harriet Elkerton and Linda Bloomfield.

We are delighted to now be taking ‘Head, Hand and Heart’ to Germany, as one element of a rich showcase of exhibitors and works devised in the UK at Eunique , Germany’s premier exhibition of contemporary craft and design. The Design-Nation showcase has three distinct and unique elements; promoting the exquisite designs of a total of 28 members of Design-Nation.

Eunique, Germany
Eight makers are showing their work in Design-Nation’s main selling showcase at Eunique, with individual stands at the fair. The eight exhibitors travelling to Karlsruhe are, artist-engineer Dan Morrison of Blott Works, jeweller Eleanor Kerr-Parton , furniture maker Hugh Miller , lace designer Jayne Childs of J C Middlebrook , ceramicists Katie Lowe and Paula Briggs , glass maker Stuart Akroyd and leather accessory designer Wolfram Lohr . Jayne and Paula are returning to the fair as previous exhibitors but this is a new venture for the rest of the group, including Wolfram who was born and grew up in Karlsruhe but has not previously exhibited in his hometown. From this participation of the Design-Nation group at the fair and to cement our new partnership with the organisers, Design-Nation is proud to be the 2018 international partner of Eunique, and will celebrate this prestigious invitation by bringing the exhibition ‘Head, Hand and Heart’ or ‘ Design-Nation: Herz, Hand und Verstand’ in a central special exhibition area at Eunique.

The final aspect of the Design-Nation presentation is a special exhibition of work by our members to celebrate the long connection between great UK design and craftsmanship and the city of Nottingham, which has been creatively twinned with Karlsruhe. A cultural arrangement is in place to explore links between Nottinghamshire based designer makers and their counterparts in Karlsruhe. Design-Nation presents work inspired by or connected to Nottingham by JC Middlebrook*, Janie Knitted Textiles (Jane Withers), Jennie McCall, Jillian Riley Designs, Julie Vernon Mosaics, Kate Bajic Jewellery,
Foto Ceramica (Kit Anderson), MOMOKA53 Ltd (Momoka Gomi), Rare Notions by Phiona Richards, Sarah Burton and Stuart Akroyd Contemporary Glass* . (* These makers will be present at Eunique.)

Images Top to Bottom: Georgia Bosson, Julie Fewster, ‘Head, Hand and Heart’ at London Craft Week (Credit: Dan Weill Photography), Harriet Elkerton (Credit: Dan Weill Photography)

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Nine new members join the Design-Nation portfolio.Nine new members join the Design-Nation portfolio.Nine new members join the Design-Nation portfolio.

Nine new members join the Design-Nation portfolio.

The spring selection took place in London at the beginning of May. Eight applicants were selected to join our prestigious portfolio and will now benefit from our unique range of opportunities to support, promote and develop their businesses and one new member won the Design-Nation award at Made London Canary Wharf.

Applicants to Design-Nation are always assessed by an independent panel of craft and design industry professionals. To reflect Design-Nation’s profile, synonymous with high quality, creativity and innovation, the panel assess excellence, commitment and professionalism, ensuring that Design-Nation continues to raise the standard of contemporary craft and design produced in the UK. The new members include designer-makers in textiles, ceramics, jewellery and silverware:

Georgia Bosson

Georgia’s studio creates contemporary, colourful and tactile designs which are applied to a studio product range stretching from textiles to trays. The studio collection is all hand screen-printed in the UK, with an emphasis on environmentally sound materials and production methods. 

Hannah Staniforth (HCLS Ceramics)

Hannah creates thrown and hand-built ceramics out of terracotta from her studio in Sheffield, where she uses both controlled and uncontrolled methods of mark making. Coloured slips are applied through the use of mono printing sgraffito and slip trailing techniques. Terra sigillata is also applied for a contrasting surface effect.

Julie Fewster (Inner Finn Ceramics)

Julie current work concentrates on slip casting, mainly with porcelain. The work explores the tension of opposites between soft form and hard materials, between control and chance, and between fleeting movement and stillness. She seeks to capture quietness in reaction to the constant noise of modern living. She enjoys walking the line between sculpture and function, dipping into each, sometime combining the two, in a desire to create objects that “want to be”.

Laura Smith (Laura Elizabeth Glass)

Laura is a London based glass artist from the island of Bermuda. With ten years of experience working with hand-blown glass, she set up her practice in 2014. Laura uses her skills in hot glass to capture the incandescent qualities of glass combined with precious metals, copper, silver and gold.

Lauren Taylor

Lauren is based in south Manchester. Following a jewellery summer school at the Goldsmiths Centre, Lauren unearthed a passion for contemporary craft and handmade jewellery, and after graduating from Manchester School of Art in Three Dimensional Design, she continued her studies there, and completed a Jewellery Master’s Degree in 2015. Inspired by Manchester’s roots in the industrial revolution, Lauren hand spins cotton thread into rope, embedding time and skill into the very fibres of her jewellery.

Lou Gillet (Atlantic Design Studio)

Lou is a designer and silversmith, based on the north coast of Northern Ireland. Lou set up Atlantic Design Studio through her interest in contemporary design, sketching new ideas and exploring the endless possibilities of the three-dimensional form. Her background as a designer and architect leads to a natural experimentation with new ideas, forms and textures. She is fascinated by many different design philosophies; from clean sharp lines to free-flowing organic forms. 

Lucy Elisabeth

Lucy Elisabeth creates sculptural illustrations. Lucy Elisabeth’s work is inspired by natural forms: climbing foliage, human and animal anatomy. The process of bending wire is immediate and intimate; each gesture is irrevocable – a commitment to creating an expressive line that exists in three dimensions.

Shona Marsh

Shona presents silver tableware around the theme of eating and dining, from brunch to the most formal of dining occasion. Her works projects her no fuss approach to life and design. Inspiration comes from geometry and balance, each piece is carefully considered and thought out through drawing and modelling.

Image 1- Passionflower by Lucy Elisabeth

Image 2- Teal tray by Georgia Bosson

Image 3- Inner Finn Ceramics

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