Liz Cooper - Programme Manager
Liz Cooper is a contemporary craft curator and project manager with a background in art textiles and a strong grounding in contemporary visual arts. Her practice centres on the valuing and placement of craft and design practice within the wider visual arts context; and building audiences for this through work with a wide range of venues and organisations, not all of whom are art-specific. This work necessarily involved extensive partnership working with a complex array of stakeholders and funders.

From 2010-2015 Liz worked part-time for The National Centre for Craft & Design (NCCD) in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, with primary responsibility for managing their touring exhibitions programme. She has also been involved in some curatorial projects for NCCD and sits on the selection panel for Design Factory’s membership.

She’s freelanced since 2002 for the annual UK/Ireland touring event The Knitting and Stitching Show, researching, creating and delivering exhibitions with internationally renowned textile and fibre artists from around the world. She has a continuing independent practice as a curator and consultant, specialising in crafts, but often working with creative practitioners from many disciplines. Liz is also the London representative for CraftNet, a leadership development initiative in the contemporary craft sector.

Prior to joining NCCD Liz was craft curator for three years at Smiths Row in Bury St Edmunds and she also worked for five years in senior arts administration roles for Studio Voltaire and Contemporary Art Society, both in London.

She taught professional development for artists in an adult education college for several years and has extensive other training experience in the voluntary sector. Before obtaining a degree in textiles at Goldsmiths College London in 2002, Liz was a project manager in the financial services sector.

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