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Lindsey Lang

An interview with designer Lindsey Lang who started her company in 2012. The Lindsey Lang Signature Collection encompasses bold and colourful kitchenware and interior accessories, as well as wall and flooring products, including her beloved encaustic tiles. Lindsey has created exclusive collections for John Lewis, including towels and rugs; and also produced a distinctive range of products for The Barbican Centre’s new shop launch in late 2016.

Design-Nation asked: You launched your company in 2012; what has been the best part and what has been the most challenging in your business?

Lindsey Lang:  I think the most challenging yet exciting things are that when you first begin you are doing everything for the first time. So, all of the risks feel that much more challenging and scary. The best part about having my own biz is that I can manage my own schedule. I work really hard but, I am my own boss. Now that the company is over five years on I feel much more confident in my decisions, but I still feel terrified about certain risks that I take. You know what they say: Big risk = Big reward. So I try to keep that in mind.

D-N: Could you describe your workplace briefly?

LL: My studio space is a railway arch based in Bermondsey, in South London. It has two levels and thanks to the handy work of my husband it also has a full kitchen which I love. It’s funny… when I think of my first space five years ago it had paper thin walls, no heating or running water. After moving four different times in the past five years I have finally settled into a space that feels really good.

D-N: Where do you get your inspiration from?

LL: Sounds silly, but everywhere. If I’m on the bus I don’t look at my phone and I keep my eyes open at all times. I have more than a few constant sources for inspiration but I do love living in such a vibrant city.

D-N: Who has been your most influential teacher or mentor?

LL: I have had too many to count. I have had the privilege of staying in touch with professors from university, various business mentors, and really value my husband’s opinion as he is a very talented artist/maker as well. I think surrounding yourself with people that you love and trust is the best foundation for life and business.  I am lucky that I absolutely adore my team and my family.

D-N: How do you go about designing new work?

LL: It’s a process that consists of the same steps for each project. Research loads, sketch and map out ideas, edit, explore each idea individually until the right solutions arises, then edit and double-check it all over again. Eventually the best solution presents itself and I just live for that moment when I know that I’ve cracked it!

D-N: You have had a lot of good press over the years. How do you organise your marketing? Do you use a PR agency or do you do it yourself?

LL: It is a mix of hard work in-house as well as some occasional press/PR agency.

D-N: How did you get involved with John Lewis?

LL: I was lucky enough to be directly approached by them when I was showing my designs at a trade show. I am now in my 7th/8th season of designs with them I have really enjoyed working with them. 

D-N: What are your plans for the next twelve months and have you got some exciting exhibitions/events coming up?

LL: In September I launched a collaboration with The Window Film Company which was fun and still on show in Clerkenwell.  In the Spring I am launching a new range of rugs. Some for selling direct and others will also be selling with John Lewis. I also have a new range of decorative accessories and cushions, for which I will have to keep the details close until we have official dates for the launch. But the most exciting news for us this year is that I will be giving birth to my first little born bundle of joy in the New Year. 


Interview by Laura Jacometti.

Lindsey also launched a new vase collection for BlissHome at Top Drawer London’s spring/summer 2018 edition.

The team at Design-Nation wish Lindsey and her partner Richard much joy with their new arrival.



Photos: Lindsey in her studio; the new rug collection launched in December 2017; Lindsey’s mood board for her encaustic tile collection, lifestyle interior with Lindsey Lang tiles. All images courtesy Lindsey Lang.

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An interview with Ceramicist Taz PollardAn interview with Ceramicist Taz Pollard

An interview with Ceramicist Taz Pollard

Taz Pollard is a creator of luxury handmade ceramics for the home and garden. She is a member of Design –Nation since winning the New Designers One year On award in 2014. Design-Nation asked her a few questions about her practice and her experience of winning the New designers Award.

Design-Nation asked: You won New Designers One Year On in 2014 and have been a DN member ever since. Looking back, what impact did that make on your business?

Taz Pollard: It gave me a much needed confidence boost but also there was lots of support and information on preparing for this type of show.

DN: What has been the most interesting thing to happen to you since setting up your business?TP: Probably setting up my studio, North Devon Ceramics Academy

DN: What would you advise new designers who are just starting out and what would you warn them about? And do you have any regrets?

TP: Don’t work too hard; it’s so easy to burn out. Not every opportunity will be right for you so learn to be selective. I don’t have any regrets as such, every project I have been involved in I have learnt from even if it is just to not do it again!

DN: Could you describe your workplace briefly?

TP: My workspace is a timber clad, sustainably built, industrial unit with business centre. It’s a great place to work and doesn’t feel like an industrial estate. The units were originally built to support new creative businesses, things have evolved since then but it still has a great feel. We are lucky to have access to a business centre where we hold lectures and most importantly lunch for our masterclasses.

DN: Where do you get your inspiration from?

TP: Mainly from everyday throw away items and junk.

DN: If you weren't a ceramicist what would you be?

TP: I have been making things out of mud for as long as I can remember so that’s a tricky question but I think I would be a paramedic or a nurse. That may sound a million miles away from what I do now but I originally took human biology at college (along with art and psychology) and have had many jobs in the care sector. Mental health is also something I am passionate about and love that we provide a safe space for people to come and be creative at North Devon Ceramics Academy.

DN: Who has been your most influential teacher or mentor?

TP: Morgan Hall who taught me during my BA hons many years ago

DN: You do some teaching yourself – how do you successfully combine this with making?

TP: It can be hard juggling both but we have bunched the teaching together so that leaves time either side for our own work. I love teaching and it is great to have the buzz of other people in the studio. It really drives my creativity forward.

DN: How do you go about designing new work?

TP: Some pieces grow organically out of other work and sometimes I get an idea, sketch it, mock it up in 3d and then develop it from there.

DN: How do you organise your marketing and do you do it yourself?

TP: I do all my marketing but I do much less now as I prefer to limit the amount of work I produce just focusing on the things I really want to do.

DN: What are your plans for the next twelve months? What’s the most exciting thing coming up – a commission, exhibition or other event?

TP: I am currently working on some new very large-scale sculptures for Celebrating Art in the Garden next June. I also have another big project I am hoping to be working on soon subject to funding, it’s very exciting but I can’t say much about it!

Interview by Laura Jacometti

New Designers One year On applications are now open. Deadline 31st January

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